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What we do with your information

The information you provide with this transaction will be used to maintain the Motor Vehicle Register and/or the Driver Licence Register as appropriate. Collection and dissemination of this information is authorised by Parts 14 and 17 of the Land Transport Act 1998 and Part 11 of the Privacy Act 1993. Corresponding information held under the Road User Charges Act 2012 may also be amended.

To assist in keeping the Electoral Roll up-to-date, the Electoral Enrolment Centre operates an authorised information matching programme with the Transport Agency under s263B of the Electoral Act 1993.

To identify people who have sold more than six motor vehicles in a twelve month period and are not registered as motor vehicle traders, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment the specified also operates an authorised information matching programme with the Transport Agency (in its capacity as the Registrar of Motor Vehicles) under s123 of the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003.

The photo captured for your driver licence under Part 3 of the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999 may also be used by the Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (Immigration), New Zealand Customs Service, and the New Zealand Police for the purposes of identity verification and law enforcement under section 200 of the Land Transport Act, or for one of the purposes outlined in Part 10A of the Privacy Act. Your photo may therefore be disclosed to one of these agencies, for one of these purposes.

You are entitled to access, and request the correction of, any readily retrievable personal information held about you by the NZ Transport Agency. You can do so by writing to us at:

NZ Transport Agency
Private Bag 11777
Manawatu Mail Centre
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand

or by emailing us at