Proposed fees in the following tables assume that additional government funding is secured through the use of section 9(1A) of the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (outlined in Proposal 1). You will notice a column showing the estimated impact if s9(1A) is unsuccessful.

These figures also appear in Table 8 in Proposal 3 as these are classified as vehicle-related fees. We are including them here to provide clarity for vehicle certifiers.

Discontinued individual fees are now collectively grouped, and costs are spread evenly across all users in that group.

Table 16 rule reference:

Land Transport (Certification and Other Fees) Regulations 2014

Fees relating to certifiers


Forecasted annual volumes

Current fee

Proposed group charge

Application to become a WoF/ CoF, border, or entry inspecting organisation



In-service certifiers group (WoF)

In-service certifiers group (CoF)

Entry certifiers group

Border inspectors group

Application to add additional premises, change inspection groups, relocate inspection site to an inspecting organisation


$184 per hour

All certifier groups

Application to add inspection group to an existing WoF/CoF, eg WoF, CoF, agricultural machines, tractors, forklifts, heavy vehicles exempt from CoF and alt fuels


$184 per hour

In-service certifiers group (WoF)

In-service certifiers group (CoF)

Application to add used entry inspection group to an existing WoF/CoF $184 per hour Entry certifiers group