Proposal 8: Changes to fees and charges for eRUC providers

Consultation is now closed, and we thank you for your feedback.  Any changes to our fees and charges to pay for better regulation will be implemented on or before October 2023. 

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Summary of Proposal 8

A small number of approved eRUC providers act as intermediaries between customers and Waka Kotahi.

Annually we have 1.6 million RUC applications processed by eRUC organisations.

eRUC providers enable customers to meet their RUC obligations. They benefit through charging organisations and individuals a fee for the RUC services they provide. 

We incur costs when processing applications for new providers, modifications and requests for approval using new technology and innovation, and for monitoring providers.

Why are we proposing these changes?

There has been a significant increase in our costs to provide services for eRUC since fees were set. We have broadened the services we provide to this group, including investing more in monitoring eRUC activity, face-to-face meetings, and processing provider applications. These additional services cost money.

We’re introducing a set charge for eRUC providers to recognise the business benefit they enjoy as a result of Waka Kotahi RUC systems, systems that cost us money to maintain.

Each of these changes reflects our need to recover the costs of providing regulatory services.

How and when would the changes take place?

Changes would be introduced through new regulations, or amendments to the Road User Charges (Administration Fees) Regulations 2014 (or other regulations made under the Road User Charges Act 2012), with effect on or before October 2023.

Tables – Charges affected by Proposal 8

There are 3 fees and 1 charge in this section. They are summarised in the table below.

What is the proposed change?

How many changes are there?

What fees are subject to this change?

New fee – eRUC providers group


Table 21

New charge – eRUC providers group


Table 22

Total number of changes


Proposed fees in the following tables assume that additional government funding is secured through the use of section 9(1A) of the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (outlined in Proposal 1). You will notice a column showing the estimated impact if s9(1A) is unsuccessful.

Table 21: Proposed new fees relating to RUC administration (GST inclusive)

Table 22: Proposed new set charge for eRUC providers group (GST inclusive) (updated 26 April 2022)