Waka Kotahi Heritage Policy and P45 Heritage specification for infrastructure development, delivery and maintenance

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Waka Kotahi is the steward of a number of nationally and regionally significant heritage sites and places, many of which reflect our strong tradition of innovation, achievement and pride in engineering, design and construction. Towns and cities have grown around state highways, which means there are buildings and landmarks that talk to the stories and character of Aotearoa New Zealand throughout our network. Our Heritage Policy and guidelines are intended to help us to preserve an important legacy for future generations.

Key aspects of each document are summarised below.

Heritage Policy

The policy sets out how we will manage, protect and conserve heritage, enable kaitiakitanga, consult and engage with heritage stakeholders and communities for positive heritage outcomes during all transport infrastructure works and asset management.

Special mention is made in the new policy of managing the risk from climate change and the commitments that Waka Kotahi has made to support kaitiakitanga of taonga Māori through the national adaptation plan. 

P45 Heritage specification for infrastructure development, delivery and maintenance 

The current P45 specification was developed to specifically cover the accidental discovery of archaeological sites. This has led to an over-reliance on an accidental discovery protocol (ADP) for smaller projects and network outcome contracts (NOC) maintenance works and works that may have proceeded with Resource Management Act 1991 consents or archaeological authorities under the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014. This update clarifies the decision-making process for the appropriate use of an ADP and provides minimum standards for all suppliers throughout the transport infrastructure lifecycle to protect heritage and achieve positive outcomes in line with legislation, policy and good practice.

Draft documents:

Submissions closed 5pm, Friday 12 May 2023.

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