When do I have to get my WoF/CoF renewed by?

The deadline for renewing temporarily extended documents was 11.59pm on 10 October 2020. All temporary extensions have now ended.

More information about the temporary extensions

What if I couldn’t get my vehicle inspection completed before 10 October 2020?

You cannot legally use your vehicle until a vehicle inspection is completed:

  • Vehicles with expired WoF/CoF/certifications will not be able to be used until a vehicle inspection is completed or certification is reinstated. You will only be allowed to drive your vehicle for the sole purpose of obtaining a new WoF/CoF/certification.
  • The vehicle licence (rego) displayed on the vehicle windscreen must be current and you can renew online now. As there is a legal requirement for vehicles to be licensed continuously, licence fees are backdated to the original expiry date. After 11.59pm on 10 October, the vehicle must have a current WoF/CoF to renew the rego.

Renew your vehicle licence (rego)

We encourage you to drop by an inspection site or book and renew your WoF/CoF now.

What if my vehicle failed its inspection and I can’t get the work required done until after 10 October 2020?

Vehicles that fail a WoF/CoF have 28 days to be brought back into compliance. You must not use the vehicle during that time except for the sole purpose of bringing it into compliance, provided the vehicle is safe to be driven.

My WoF/CoF is expired, can I still purchase vehicle licensing (rego)?

No, after 11.59pm on 10 October 2020 you will need to have a current WoF/CoF/entry certification to purchase rego.

Purchase your rego

Will I receive a fine if my WoF/CoF has expired?

NZ Police and local government authorities are reinstating standard enforcement procedures from 11 October 2020. This means they have the discretion to issue fines or take further action when they find an expired WoF/CoF or rego on vehicles being used.