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My rego has expired. When do I have to renew it by?

The deadline for renewing temporarily extended documents was 11.59pm on 10 October 2020. All temporary extensions have now ended.

You need to renew your vehicle licence (rego) now to legally use your vehicle and we recommend you do it online.

It is a legal requirement that most vehicles be licensed continuously. This means that the licence (rego) fees must be paid from the expiry date of the previous licence (if you renew your licence after the expiry date of the previous licence, the licence fees will be backdated, and you must pay these).

For example, if your rego expired 1 January and you renew it on 1 October, you will need to pay for the period 1 January to 1 October. You will also need to pay for the new licence period of 1 Oct onwards to legally use the vehicle.

Please note: after 10 October you will need to have a current WoF/CoF before you can renew your rego. The ability to renew your rego online remains available.

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I'm not currently using my vehicle/s - can I get a refund on the annual vehicle licencing fees I’ve already paid and will not be using?

No, the vehicle licensing (rego) must run continuously therefore refunds for your vehicle’s rego are not available.

My WoF/CoF is currently expired, can I still purchase vehicle licensing (rego)?

No, you need to have a current WoF/CoF/entry certification to purchase rego.

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Will I receive a fine if my rego label shows as expired?

NZ Police and local government authorities are reinstating standard enforcement procedures from 11 October 2020. This means they have the discretion to issue fines or take further action when they find someone using a vehicle with an expired vehicle licence (rego).