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Former employees – registration / application form

You should complete and submit this form if you are an eligible former employee of Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (Waka Kotahi).

To ensure we are registering and paying the correct people we require all of the information below to enable us to match these details to our payroll system and to update the records that we will hold.  We are requesting your bank account and taxation details at this time to ensure we can make payment as quickly as possible.

Read the frequently asked questions for further details and eligibility criteria 

Former employee details

Current contact details

Address (required)

Type of contact

Preferred form of contact

Payment details

Important: Do not use hyphens. Use character space eg 00 0000 0000000 000. You must also upload a screen shot or a scanned copy of your deposit slip to verify the bank account number - see below.


Proof of identity (required)

A copy of biographical page of passport, birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, NZ visa, driver licence or HANZ 18+ card.

Claiming on behalf of another

Evidence of power of attorney authority, evidence of executor of a former employee’s estate.

Tax code declaration (required)

IR330 form is available from the Inland Revenue website, please attach completed and signed.

Proof of bank account number (required)

Upload a screen shot or a scanned copy of your deposit slip to verify the bank account number.


Acknowledgement and consent

I confirm that I am the person named in this request, that the information I have provided is true and correct, and that I agree to Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency collecting, storing and using this personal information for its Holidays Act Remediation process, including liaising with Inland Revenue, and updating its records with my current contact details.