Contract management reviews

Purpose of our contract management review programme

We review the asset improvement and asset management contracts placed through our Transport Services group to make sure they are executed as specified in the contract documentation, and to ensure that both we and our suppliers learn from the work we do together.

We strongly believe that the reviews encourage improved delivery on behalf of our customers and foster a culture of learning and continuous improvement within the roading industry.

Components of our review programme

Our review programme has the following three components.

Contract management reviews (CMR)

CMRs are systematic, objective and independent reviews that evaluate management practices on selected Transport Agency contracts. These reviews conducted alongside the supplier, involve discussions with key participants in the contract and examination of significant contract documentation.

CMR brochure [PDF, 2.9 MB]

Special purpose audits (SPA)

For contract elements that need a more in-depth review, the SPA is a more appropriate option. The SPA is a targeted review tailored to suit the needs of a specific contract situation.

Lessons learnt reviews (LLR)

LLRs are about learning, sharing information and continuous improvement. These reviews bring contract participants together in a facilitated forum where openness and honesty lead to increased knowledge and improved future performance. An essential component of these reviews is to gain feedback on the contract team's liaison with stakeholders and stakeholder perceptions around contract execution. We are extremely interested to know what the customer thinks about the way we do business.

LLR brochure [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Further information

We produce and distribute a twice-yearly newsletter aimed at promoting the review programme, capture trend information from completed contracts, demonstrate opportunities for business improvement and inform suppliers of common review themes.

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