Hoe ki angitū is about paddling to opportunity. Hoe (the paddle) is our symbol for Mahia or doing the work, and represents opportunity, work, and success. Hoe ki angitū is encouraging communities to pick up a paddle, bring their ideas, and work alongside us to help shape the future of our land transport system. 

With $15 million allocated over two years, Hoe ki angitū will support a range of private sector innovators and innovations at various stages of the innovation cycle, to develop solutions that have the potential to deliver real impact for our transport system. 

Although this is a fund, one of the key features of Hoe ki angitū will be the assistance that the programme will provide to the projects including, access to data and transport expertise, help navigating Waka Kotahi and land transport regulations, as well as the identification of suitable environments for real-world testing of solutions.