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Prioritising cycling in New Zealand


We’re on a mission to make New Zealand a more bike friendly country and we’ve set a goal – by 2019 we want to increase the total annual cycling trips by 10 million to grow transport choices for people in our urban centres.


To ensure we achieve our goal, the Transport Agency has:

  • teamed the NZ Government with Local Councils to deliver positive  changes to cycling in New Zealand
  • made cycling one of our top six priorities for 2015–19
  • set up a new core cycling team dedicated to making positive change to cycling
  • developed a comprehensive programme to making cycling a safer and more attractive transport choice that wraps around the investment of cycle ways in urban centres across New Zealand.


The reason why we’re prioritising cycling is because of the extensive benefits it can bring to all New Zealanders. Here are just some of our favourites:

  • More than a third of New Zealanders have indicated that they want to use cycling as their everyday transport choice - to commute to and from work and school, to visit friends, to go to the shops, to get some exercise, or to simply go for a ride around the block. By investing in cycling we are giving everyone more freedom of choice to choose cycling as a safe, genuine transport option.
  • New Zealanders will enjoy a better place to live, work, play and move with research showing that bike friendly cities are more vibrant, connected, social and offer a higher quality of life.
  • More people cycling leads to healthier communities with those who cycle having a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.
  • Everyone will benefit from the cleaner air, less fuel to import, reduced costs of climate change, better traffic flow on the roads and quieter streets, even those who don’t ride bikes themselves.
  • New Zealand can be promoted as a world class cycling destination, enabling more visitors to explore our great landscape up front and personal from behind the handlebars.

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