Mahitahi – working with us

Our people work on a range of projects that make a difference to the lives of all New Zealanders and we need a mix of people with diverse skills and experience to get the work done.

Working with us, you have the potential to be involved with a variety of exciting projects that will help shape our transport system, creating great places to live, work and play. We keep New Zealand moving by investing in innovative solutions for urban growth areas, providing regional and inter-regional transport connections to enable regional development, keep access to markets open, maintain key tourist routes, manage national data registers and implement safety regulations.

Our planners and project managers are involved in delivering nationally significant infrastructure projects such as Ara Tūhono (Pūhoi to Warkworth), or the work we are teaming up to do in response to the Kaikōura earthquake.

Ara Tūhono (Pūhoi to Warkworth)
Kaikōura earthquake response

We deliver a significant amount of work that you may not even know that we are responsible for. Did you know that we have a team that works on road safety advertising campaigns? They’ve picked up several prestigious national and international awards for adverts such as ‘Belted survivors’. We also built the distinctive magenta Nelson Street Cycleway in Auckland and invest in public transport through the National Land Transport Programme.

Awards we have won
Belted survivors campaign
Nelson Street Cycleway
National Land Transport Programme

At Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, you could use your skills to improve our customer experiences or work in education or behaviour change programmes. We also have teams who manage our legal risks, Ministerial correspondence and property acquisitions and management.

Te Ara I Whiti (Lightpath), on the Nelson St Cycleway

Ohau Point slip, SH1 Kaikōura – March 2017

We are customer-oriented, partnering with our rail, road and service providers and construction alliance teams to make sure people are safe and compliant.

Our transport operation centres work to keep our customers safe and up to date with the latest traffic information across New Zealand in real time. They operate 24/7, every day of the year, keeping an eye on our vast network of roads.

Our exceptional organisational support services also play a critical role across all the work we deliver such as safety and environment, people, corporate services, and stakeholder and communications.

As you can see, we have all sorts of people that help to keep our organisation (and New Zealand) moving.