Definition of a mobile crane

A mobile crane is a self-propelled vehicle that:

  • is designed solely or principally for lifting objects using a boom with lifting gear

  • only carries loads that are necessary for its own propulsion or equipment.

This definition excludes:

  • trucks fitted with crane apparatus, such as a knuckle boom crane (a crane fitted to a vehicle to lift goods on and off the vehicle)

  • vehicle recovery service vehicles (tow trucks).

Driving a mobile crane on a road

To drive a mobile crane on a road, you must have a driver licence for the appropriate class and the relevant driver licence endorsement.

Find out about getting an endorsement to drive a special vehicle

Operating a mobile crane

To operate a mobile crane, you must be trained to use it safely. Find out more about the training options available through the Crane Association of New Zealand.

Visit the website of the Crane Association of New Zealand(external link)

Indicative crane access maps have been developed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to identify bridge constraints for information purposes for the crane industry. These will enable crane operators to identify a bridge's status when planning routes to and from worksites.

View the maps on Te Paparanga Āmiki(external link)