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Pro-forma designs for high productivity motor vehicles

If you use these Transport Agency-approved 'pro-forma’ (approved non-standard) vehicle combination designs when applying for a high productivity motor vehicle (HPMV) permit , it will make the approval process simpler.

Pro-forma designs and your permit application

If you want to build or operate a pro-forma vehicle combination that is identified below, you will need to apply for a permit. The approval will be granted and there will not be an expiry date on the permit.

Each individual vehicle in the overlength HPMV combination must in itself meet the dimensional requirements of the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016 unless specified otherwise.

Other general conditions

Some other general conditions will also be required. The vehicle must:

  • meet the dimension thresholds provided on the Transport Agency pro-forma design

  • have an 'H' sign at front and rear of the vehicle combination that meets the specifications in the  Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016 – this must be displayed at all times while you are operating under the permit

  • not operate on any road with a prescribed length restriction if the vehicle exceeds that restriction

  • have lights at the rear of the combination – these must be of the light emitting diode (LED) type to address voltage drop

  • have repeater side indicator lights placed approx midway along the side of the trailer

  • only have original truck manufacturer approved modifications made to the truck frontal protection area

  • have conspicuity tape in red/ white meeting DOT C-3 that outlines the shape of the vehicle from both sides and rear, or LED side marker lamps or reflectors fitted at a maximum of 2-metre intervals along the side of the vehicle as close as practical to the load bed

  • have roll stability control (RSC) – all trailers must have RSC fitted and active.

Using a pro-forma design in your application

Print off the applicable vehicle design below, complete your actual vehicle dimensions and include this with your HPMV application.

Visit the Transport Agency's Heavy Vehicle Permit Portal for the HPMV permit application form(external link) 

Using other designs

If you want to use a longer vehicle that is not a pro-forma design, then the Transport Agency can approve the dimensional variation. However, this will be route restricted and you will need to get permission to operate from each local road controlling authority affected.

Approval of new pro-forma designs

The process for the Transport Agency-approval of a pro-forma design is for an industry group to agree a productive design that suits them and then have a report prepared by an engineering consultancy with respect to both high-speed stability and low-speed manoeuvring. The Transport Agency will then review the design and report, and if acceptable will approve the new pro-forma and update this web page.

The HPMV pro-forma designs

23-metre truck and full trailer 

Download 23-metre truck and full trailer pro-forma [PDF, 331 KB]

23-metre truck and simple trailer (eg car transporter) 

Download 23-metre truck and simple trailer pro-forma [PDF, 431 KB]

23-metre truck and simple trailer 8130 (eg car transporter)

Download 23-metre truck and simple trailer 8130 pro-forma [PDF, 431 KB]

22-metre B-train 

Download 22-metre B-train pro-forma [PDF, 437 KB]

23-metre B-train 5680 

Download 23-metre B-train 5680 pro-forma [PDF, 436 KB]

23-metre B-train 5700

23 metre B-train 5700

Download 23-metre B-train 5700 pro-forma [PDF, 436 KB]

23-metre B-train long tractor 

Download 23-metre B-train long tractor pro-forma [PDF, 436 KB]

23-metre B-train long trailer 

Download 23-metre B-train long trailer pro-forma  [PDF, 436 KB]

23-metre log truck and full trailer 

23m log truck full trailer

Download 23-metre log truck and full trailer pro-forma  [PDF, 343 KB]

19.45-metre quad semi

Download 19.45-metre quad semi pro-forma  [PDF, 236 KB]

23-metre truck and long trailer 

23-metre truck and long trailer pro-forma [PDF, 283 KB] 

23-metre truck and trailer long drawbar

23-metre truck and trailer long drawbar pro-forma [PDF, 246 KB]