New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a unique 13-digit identifier that will make doing business with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency easier and faster.

What is a NZBN?

A New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a globally unique 13-digit identifier that is available to all NZ businesses free of charge.

It holds all of a business’s correct information in one place – one-stop-shop – thereby removing the risk of having old information stored in multiple places.

The main purpose of a NZBN is to make doing business easier and faster.

When you share your NZBN with Waka Kotahi, we will be able to access your core business information such as your trading name, entity type, status, address and contact details.

The video below explains more about the NZBN:

You can access more information through the links below:

Why are we integrating NZBN?

The NZBN was established under the Government’s Better Public Services (BPS) programme, designed to drive reforms to ensure high quality, flexible and cost-effective public services.

Under the New Zealand Business Number Act 2016, the Minister of State Services and the Minister of Finance issued a ministerial direction which directed the Transport Agency to support a whole of government approach to the implementation of the NZBN.

New Zealand Business Number Act 2016(external link)

We will actively use the NZBN to reduce the time and effort people in business spend dealing with Waka Kotahi, now and into the future.

How are we using NZBN?

We have embedded the NZBN into all of our core systems, i.e. motor vehicle register (MVR), driver licensing register (DLR), and systems, applications and products (SAP). When business customers provide their NZBN we will be able to validate their information faster and more easily.

If you have a question about the NZBN programme please email with the subject heading ‘NZBN’ and we’ll endeavour to provide an answer as soon as possible.

How are we using your NZBN information?

We collect NZBN for business customers for the Motor Vehicle Register, Road User Charges Register, and Transport Services Licences Register. The NZBN enables us to verify the customer is in business. Customers can use their NZBN as an identifier to transact with us and to streamline their accounts across Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and other government services. Updates to Primary Business Data will be incorporated into our systems. We will gain your consent for new uses of business customer information enabled through using the NZBN.

For more information about NZBN information security visit the NZBN website.

NZBN(external link)