NZ Transport Agency staff and our agents (VTNZ, VINZ, NZ Post, AA) can collect your NZBN and add it to our systems.

When you share your NZBN with the Transport Agency, we will be able to access your core business information such as your trading name, entity type, status, address and contact details.

Proof of NZBN

Previously only incorporated companies have been able to provide us with their NZBN as identification but now we can accept NZBN for unincorporated companies also.

Unincorporated companies (sole trader, partnerships, trusts, etc) can use your NZBN as identification but you will also need to show your individual identification (e.g. New Zealand driver license or a combination of documents showing full name, date of birth and signature).

Incorporated companies can still use evidence of their NZBN as identification. However, you must provide either a printout of your NZBN or show us your business information listed in the NZBN register on the NZBN website (company name, entity type, NZBN number). link)

Updated forms include NZBN

The following forms are updated with a NZBN field for you to provide us with your NZBN:

  • MR2B
  • MR6A
  • MR13B
  • MR15
  • TL01

If you have a question about the NZBN programme, please email with the subject heading ‘NZBN’ and we’ll endeavour to provide an answer as soon as possible.