There are strict controls on the weight and axle loads of overweight vehicles. This is to protect our road network. If your vehicle exceeds the load limits, you need to apply for an overweight permit(external link) before you travel.

The maximum weight limits for vehicles are set out in the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016.

If your vehicle or load is also overdimension, you will also require an overdimension permit.

Is my vehicle overweight?

Check general mass (weight) limits on New Zealand roads

Before you buy an extremely heavy vehicle

Check the permit manual or talk to a heavy vehicle certifier to see if the vehicle will qualify for an overweight permit. Not all vehicles qualify – and if the vehicle is too big, you won't be able to use it on New Zealand roads.

Read the Vehicle dimensions and mass permitting manual

Overweight permits crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge

When crossing the bridge, you must use the inner most lanes as displayed in the diagram below:

Overweight permit access with 10 or 20km/hr speed restrictions are prohibited to use the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

You will need to use SH18 (Upper Harbour) for travel.

Auckland Harbour Bridge restrictions for Overweight permit holders - July 2021 [PDF, 51 KB]

High-productivity motor vehicles

Not all loads qualify for an overweight permit.  If you want to carry divisible loads such as logs, milk powder or freight more productively, you may be able to operate on a high-productivity motor vehicle permit.

Find out more about high-productivity motor vehicle permits

ISO container permits

ISO containers can be transported using HPMV permits.

Sealed ISO containers for export, with appropriate documentation, can also be transported under overweight permits.

Bridge engineering self supervision (BESS)

Drivers of heavy vehicles can be registered and approved to self-supervise crossings on certain bridges which would normally be supervised by an engineer – this is called bridge engineering self supervision (BESS).

Find out more about BESS and how to apply

Applying for an overweight permit

To apply for an overweight permit on State Highways, please submit your application through the online permit portal(external link).

For overweight permits on local roads, please contact your local council for an application form.