Transport service licence (TSL) application fees

You need to pay a fee when you first apply for a transport service licence.

If there will be only one person in control of the service, the application fee is $439.00.

If there will be more than one person in control of the service, the application fee is $583.80.

You’ll also need to pay a vetting fee of $9.70 per person in control.

Transport service applications

Persons in control

Annual TSL fees 

There's an annual TSL fee for each vehicle operated under your TSL (except for light trailers). 

You'll pay this as part of each vehicle's licence fees (rego). This fee will be included in Other levies on your Vehicle licence reminder notice (MR1). 

TSL type Annual TSL fee (incl GST)
Small passenger service licence (vehicles with 12 seats or less) $98.87
Large passenger service licence (vehicles with 13 seats or more)
Goods service licence $120.12
Vehicle recovery service licence $98.87
Rental service licence (vehicles 3500kg or less)
Rental service licence (vehicles over 3500kg) $120.12

TSL fees reflect the cost of regulatory activities and risks in these areas. The fees for goods and large rental vehicles include an additional charge for the costs associated with regulating dangerous goods, as these are the vehicle types most likely to be carrying dangerous goods. 

This fee is collected under the Land Transport (Regulatory Fees) Regulations 2023.

Land Transport (Regulatory Fees) Regulations 2023(external link)