Transport service licence labels

You must have a transport service licence (TSL) to operate a goods service, large or small passenger service, vehicle recovery service or rental service. The licence shows that you are 'fit' to operate such a service and have the required knowledge of the laws and practices relating to the safe and proper operation of a transport service.

As evidence that you're a TSL holder, your vehicle must display a TSL label.

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Displaying TSL labels

These vehicles need to display TSL labels:

  • small passenger service vehicles

  • vehicles used in vehicle recovery services (towing)

  • goods service vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of 6000 kilograms or more

  • large passenger service vehicles.

TSL labels are not required on trailers.

What a TSL label looks like

Transport service licence label

Where to display your TSL label

The way that you display your TSL label on your vehicle depends on the type of vehicle you use.

Passenger service vehicles* and vehicle recovery service vehicles (tow trucks) must display TSL labels on the inside of the windscreen, as close as practicable to the bottom of the passenger’s side.

Goods service vehicles must display TSL labels as described above, or in the window behind the passenger seat.

If you need to get additional or replacement labels please call our contact centre.

*Dial-a-driver services and facilitated cost-sharing services must have a TSL, but don't need to display the label in their vehicles.