Commercial vehicle safety centres (CVSCs), are sites where Police officers can carry out thorough inspections, including vehicle weight and road user charges (RUC), logbook accuracy and driver impairment.

Existing CVSCs are being upgraded, and new sites added, to create 12 CVSCs on high volume routes throughout Aotearoa New Zealand covering 46% of the Heavy Vehicle Kilometres travelled. There will be 8 regular size CVSCs and 4 larger ones.

  • Regular CVSCs will have a weigh bridge, in-road technology, and a simple onsite office, with the capacity to be upgraded if required.
  • Larger CVSCs will have a weigh bridge, in-road technology, an inspection shed, roller brake machine, inspection pit, and office block.   

We’ll let you know about specific sites near the time work starts on them.

Completed CVSCs

  • Glasnevin
  • Paengaroa

Planned CVSCs

  • Marsden, Northland
  • Stanley Street, Auckland
  • Bombay, Auckland
  • Albany, Auckland
  • Taupo, Waikato
  • Tauranga Port, Bay of Plenty
  • Napier, Hawke’s Bay
  • Mackays Crossing, Wellington
  • Rakaia, northbound, Canterbury