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Safety cameras keep our communities safe by helping to reduce the number of people being killed and seriously injured on our roads. Travelling at safe speeds helps everyone get to where they’re going safely.

Safety cameras

Complete the form below if you have any questions about safety cameras, or want to report damage to a safety camera, structure or site.

If your question is about a safety camera infringement or fine, contact NZ Police.

NZ Police Infringement Services

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Waka Kotahi has the CCTV footage for cameras on State Highways. If you’d like footage of local roads, please contact the council where the camera is situated.

While we do our best to assist with requests for CCTV footage, depending on the system and camera location, footage may only be held for anywhere between 24 hours and several days. Due to the quality of the cameras, distance from the road and direction the camera is facing, some footage may still not be fit for purpose as the cameras are not designed to identify individual vehicles or people.

For CCTV footage on State Highways please email Please remember to include the location of the camera, date and approximate time you’d like the footage for.










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If the camera location isn't listed, contact your local council or NZ Police. 

More information on NZ Police camera locations


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