Current application processing times

Current application processing times

Processing times for drivers licensing and motor vehicle applications.

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Driver licensing applications

Application Processing time
Application for approval to exit alcohol interlock programme 10 working days
Application for driver licensing exemption (DL4) 10 working days
Application for P, V, I or O endorsement (DL20) 15 working days1
Application for transport service licence (TL01) 20 working days
Application for issue of a limited licences (DL15) 4 working days
Medical review 21 working days

1 This is the processing time for a standard application where all the necessary documentation has been provided, requirements are met and we do not have concern over the fitness and propriety of any of the persons in control. If the application becomes non-standard in any way, there will be a delay.

Motor vehicle applications

Application Processing time
Application for NZTA customer number (MR36) 20 working days
Application to change vehicle details (MR16) 20 working days
High productivity motor vehicle permit (HPMV Higher Mass) ** 20 working days
50MAX permit application 10 working days
Load pilot application 20 working days
Road user charges application for refund for off-road travel (RUCOR) 23 working days
Inspecting organisation applications (standard applications) 60 working days
Vehicle inspector (VI) application (standard applications) 20 working days
Application to reverse registration (MR2D) 10 working days
Motor Vehicle exemptions 25 working days

** Please note that these require a local road approval.

We’re processing these applications as fast as we can. We’ll let you know as soon as your application has been completed.

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