Your riding skills are assessed through the entire duration of the assessment ride (including mounting and dismounting).

At any given time during the assessment you’ll be performing one of the seven riding tasks listed below:



Moving in

Where you get the motorcycle underway from a standing or parked position and any other situation where you move into the traffic flow (other than turning at intersection).

This occurs when either:

  • moving in from the side of the road
  • entering from a vehicle entrance
  • using a motorway on ramp
  • changing from one lane to another and merging with traffic in the other lane.
Straight When you are travelling straight ahead (with or without other traffic).
Curve When you are travelling round a curve or bend (any situation where the rider is required to alter course when following the road but does not include turning at an intersection).
Intersection When you move through or turn at any intersection where there is potential for other traffic to cross your path.

When you move past other traffic travelling in the same direction on a two lane road (one lane in each direction). Does not include a situation where there are two lanes in the same direction and you change lanes to move past another vehicle.

Note: The assessor will not create any situation nor instruct you to overtake at any stage during the assessment. Any overtaking manoeuvre undertaken during the assessment will be a decision made entirely by you (where you judge it’s necessary to progress and safe to do so). Therefore, unless the opportunity presents itself, this may result in an overtaking manoeuvre not being completed during the assessment.

Turning back

When you turn around to ride back in the direction from which you have just come.

This involves you choosing the safest location and means to do so and could include turning from a parked position, vehicle entrance or side of the road (parallel or perpendicular to the kerb). For example, it may include a ‘U’ turn either where you are parallel to the roadway or with the rear wheel to the kerb.

Moving out When you move out of the traffic flow. It includes the use of motorway off ramps, turning into a vehicle entrance, returning to the kerb and parking. Does not include turning at intersections.