If you drive any type of vehicle involved in a towing service, your driver licence must include a current vehicle recovery (V) endorsement. This simply verifies that you have the knowledge and skills to provide this service safely.

Where vehicle recovery endorsement requirements apply

Generally you need a vehicle recovery endorsement where you provide a towing service for a reward of some form.

This requirement doesn’t apply to:

  • towing or carrying a motorcycle or moped
  • towing or carrying your own vehicle
  • towing or carrying of one motor vehicle without reward, when the towing or carrying vehicle is not designed or adapted for this purpose.
  • towing of disabled vehicles using a rope or flat tow by someone contracted by an insurance company or employed by a garage or workshop.

There are other exceptions, including towing undertaken by the NZ Defence Force.

Find out more about the exceptions, and how to get a V endorsement