This section provides detailed information about the Full Licence Test (FLT). It is designed to inform drivers who have passed their restricted licence, about the requirements of the FLT.

The full licence test

The FLT is 30 minutes long. In the FLT applicants have to demonstrate higher order skills in hazard detection and response while at the same time maintaining safe driving behaviours across a wide range of traffic situations and road conditions, to the high standard required for the awarding of a full licence.

Test routes

The test is undertaken on test routes that have been developed according to a set of standard requirements. This ensures that all test routes used are of a nationally consistent standard.

The role of the testing officer

A testing officer undertakes many tasks during the test including directing the applicant around the route, observing and marking driving behaviour and keeping an eye on safety. Because of this, it is unlikely that the testing officer will have time to engage in conversation with the applicant. Ensure the applicant is aware of this, is prepared for it and is not offended by it.