Who needs a forklift endorsement?

If you drive a forklift on the road, you must have an F endorsement on your driver licence.

You also need the class of driver licence appropriate for the weight of the forklift including its load:

  • A class 1 driver licence (with an F endorsement) covers forklifts with a weight of up to 18,000kgs when loaded.
  • A class 2 driver licence (with an F endorsement) covers forklifts with a weight over 18,000kgs when loaded.

What’s the definition of a road?

The definition of a road, for the application of transport laws, is very broad. It includes not only streets and highways, but also any place the public has access to (by right or not) including bridges, culverts, beaches, riverbeds, reserve lands, wharves and road shoulders. A factory yard with no gate may also fit this definition.

If you drive a forklift in any of these areas, the rules relating to registration, licensing and general driver behaviour all apply.

You need to complete a course

You’ll need to provide evidence that you’ve successfully completed an approved course that teaches specialist knowledge and skills relating to driving a forklift safely on the road.

Note: the approved course will cover driver licensing requirements only. Your employer may require you to attend health and safety courses as well as having the F endorsement on your driver licence.

Find an approved course provider in your area

Please note: you can’t drive a forklift on the road just because you’ve got the course certificate. The endorsement must be on your driver licence.

Applying for the endorsement

You can apply for an F endorsement at your nearest driver licensing agent.

You need to:

Note: your F endorsement will expire on the same date as your driver licence.

Not sure if you need an endorsement

If you’re still not sure whether you need an F endorsement, please call us on 0800 822 422.


Download Factsheet 10: F endorsement for driving forklifts [PDF, 215 KB]

Download Factsheet 66: Driver licensing courses for licence classes and endorsements [PDF, 237 KB]