The approved course is aligned with 8 unit standards on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) framework. If you successfully complete a course, you can have the unit standards you’ve achieved count towards a national certificate as well as your driver licence endorsement.

The course length and cost are set by the course provider and are not part of your application fee.

In the course, you’ll be trained and assessed in the following unit standards:

  • 16646 – Develop and follow through on individual driver training plans.
  • 16647 – Describe implications for driver educators of factors that affect people’s learning.
  • 14511 – Describe knowledge required by driver educators of road transport legislation.
  • 14521 – Observe and analyse a person’s driving and determine optimal ways to achieve required performance.
  • 14523 – Carry out in-vehicle driver training.
  • 20179 – Describe light motor vehicle dynamics and handling characteristics.
  • 20180 – Demonstrate knowledge of hazard detection and responses.
  • 3466 – Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving.

You’ll also have a driving assessment completed on your own driving skills. This assessment, along with all the practical driving on the course, will be conducted in a vehicle with a manual transmission. Note: the I endorsement when granted will allow instruction to be given in vehicles with either manual or automatic transmissions.

You can view these unit standards at NZQA(external link).

You’ll be given a certificate when you successfully complete the course, which you’ll need to submit as part of your application.

Passing the endorsement course does not guarantee the approval of your application for an I endorsement. It is only one of the necessary steps.

You can't teach until you have the endorsement on your licence

You can’t start instructing because you’ve got the necessary certificates. You must successfully complete the application process and get the I endorsement added to your driver licence first.

After you’ve got the endorsement on your licence

Instructors are responsible for making sure people become safe and confident drivers. Your pupils have the right to expect high quality training and service.

Waka Kotahi may audit you at any time to check you’re delivering a suitable service. You must also keep records of any driving instruction you’ve done for at least 12 months after the training has been completed.

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