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You need to have passed a practical licence test in the last five years

Before a V endorsement is granted you must demonstrate your ability to drive safely. This means you’ll need to sit a full licence test or show that you have passed one in the last five years.

What is involved in the test?

The full licence test is 30 minutes long and includes 20 minutes of driving.

Drivers being tested will need to show they are safe drivers with good driving skills in complex real-life situations. They’ll also demonstrate they can detect risks and respond to any possible hazards appropriately without any prompting or explanation from the testing officer. You’ll be assessed in a wide variety of traffic and road situations.

Where do I sit my test?

When you make your application for an endorsement you will need to go to a driver licensing agent. You can book your test with them at the same time as handing in your endorsement application.

Practical tests


  • You must have a current New Zealand full licence (car or truck) that you’ve held for at least two years.

  • If you're planning to drive a heavy vehicle in a vehicle recovery service, make sure you have the right class of driver licence.


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