Life after driving

It can be difficult to adjust to life after driving, but there are ways you can stay mobile or get support if you need it.

Public transport

If you’re 65 or over, a SuperGold card or the Total Mobility Scheme may help make using public transport easier for you. You could also consider carpooling.

Public transport

Mobility scooter

Getting a mobility scooter might be an option for you. Make sure you read about how to keep safe on a mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters

Organisations who can support you

Talk to your local regional council, local social services or support groups like Age Concern (if you’re a senior citizen). They can give you more information and ideas about how you can get support.

If you don’t have any other identification

If your driver licence was your only form of identification, you could apply for a Kiwi Access card from the Ministry of Social Development.

If you have a SuperGold card, you could consider getting your photo put on it.

Get a Kiwi Access card(external link)

Add your photo to your SuperGold card(external link)