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tas hackathon banner


Hackathon promotional banner.

Over the weekend of 15–17 March 2019, the MODE+ALT+SHIFT Hackathon will bring together more than 100 people to unleash the potential of technology to unlock travel options and change travel behaviours in New Zealand’s cities. It’s about technology unlocking travel choices – moving people, not machines.

In our vision of transport in the future, everyone has positive travel choices – that are less harmful to our health, the environment and the transport system. To get there, we need to encourage  people living in our cities to make travel choices that will reduce the number of single-occupancy cars on our roads.

The NZ Transport Agency is bringing together a diverse group of volunteers with a range of skillsets, including students, creatives, developers, entrepreneurs, and public servants, to collaborate and rapid-prototype solutions to enable better transport outcomes.

As a participant, rich transport data will be at your fingertips, plus local and international suppliers with the latest technology and insights to help teams bring your solutions to life.

Most importantly, we want to encourage innovative ideas and are willing to support teams with promising concepts beyond the Hackathon.

After working over the weekend, your team will present your concept and prototype to the judging panel. First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded, but the real prize is in the opportunity to connect with other innovators and create an impact in shifting the way Kiwis experience transport.