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Find relevant data, APIs and insights provided to Hackathon participants to inform their solution.

We'll update these as new sources are available. Found something useful we've missed? Let us know!

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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Tool to get statistics on our claims over the past five years. You can filter by type of injury, where and how the accident happened, age and gender.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health receives data from different parts of the health sector through the utilisation of health services or mandatory reporting national collections, and also from national population health surveys.

NZ Police

Police routinely release data on the last working data of each month via an interactive reporting tool known as is a repository of thousands of freely usable datasets released by New Zealand Government organisations. There are 358 datasets related to transport.

Used car safety ratings

This dataset describes the crash safety of various car models.

Auckland Traffic API

The Auckland Traffic API lets you access realtime data on traffic conditions in Auckland.

Christchurch Traffic API

The TMP for Christchurch Traffic API lets you access information on all known planned events on the roading network within the Christchurch City boundary including Banks Peninsula.

Highway Information API

The Traffic Road Event Information System (TREIS) API lets you access realtime data on events/incidents that affect traffic conditions across the network of national state highways.

Location Referencing API

The Location Referencing API provides access to authoritative data representing locations along the State Highway network.

SSDF Segment Manager API

The NZ Transport Agency's SSDF Segment Manager is a component of SSDF which uses traffic flow measurements to estimate the time required for vehicles to travel along sections of major transport routes within the Auckland region.

Traffic Cameras API

The NZ Transport Agency has over 100 webcams in our main cities and towns and in some key rural locations.

TomTom Maps APIs

The TomTom Maps APIs allows you to easily build location-aware applications. A variety of cross platform REST APIs and SDKs are available to build and enhance your mobile and web apps with search, routing, mapping, traffic and navigation features.


Open API to data on where people travel using active modes (cycling, walking, running).

Road safety outcomes

These reports provide quarterly summaries of the latest statistics and trends for areas of concern in New Zealand's road safety programme under the Safer Journeys strategy. Outcome measures are provided at national, regional and Police District level.

Risk register

This document provides a ranking of different communities around NZ with regard to selected road safety risks. Approved organisations will use the information contained in the register to support their application for funding through TIO (Transport Investment Online).