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Find relevant data, APIs and insights provided to Hackathon participants to inform their solution.

We'll update these as new sources are available. Found something useful we've missed? Let us know!

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Perceptions on cycling in New Zealand – Kiws want flow

Infographics giving behavioural research insights on driver perceptions of cyclists in NZ.

Perceptions on cycling in New Zealand – Share the road

Infographics giving behavioural research insights on driver perceptions of cyclists in NZ.

NZ Transport Agency – Our other websites

A range of other sites that the NZ Transport Agency hosts or contributes to.

NZ Transport Agency innovations

Showcase of innovations implemented by the NZ Transport Agency and its partners.

NZ Transport Agency research programme

Through our research programme, we invest in innovative and relevant research that plays a critical role at the forefront of land transport thinking and contributes to achieving the government's goals for transport.

NZ Government road safety strategy

Safety challenges, current initiatives and the Safe System approach.

Transport Knowledge Hub

The Transport Knowledge Hub strives to encourage collaboration and raise awareness of related work and future opportunities or needs.

NZ Transport Knowledge Forum

NZ Transport Knowledge Forum 2017 conference presentations.

New Zealand Transport Outlook

The Transport Outlook current and future state reports.

Contributions to the long-term downward road toll trend

Econometric analysis of the downward trend in road fatalities since 1990.

Why people die in road crashes

Analysis of the road toll to understand why people die in road crashes.

Understanding the New Zealand road toll

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the New Zealand road toll – what causes crashes and injuries.

Road safety surveys

The Ministry of Transport conducts and collates information for a number of road safety surveys every year. Survey topics include child restraints, seatbelt use, speed and the annual Public Attitudes to Road Safety survey.

NZ Police School Portal

NZ Police aim for children and young people to be safe as pedestrians, passengers, cyclists or drivers.