2024 maintenance closure dates confirmed for State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill


There are some crucial dates to add to diaries and planners for regular users of State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill.

Planned night closure dates for 2024 are now confirmed (see table below), with 31 overnight closures scheduled between January and June. This is a larger number than usual.

Mark Owen, Regional Manager Lower North Island / Top of the South, says substantial work is planned, and an extra 13 nights have been added to the work programme.

“We are looking to tie in safety improvement works into the maintenance schedule. This will see extra side barriers; motorcycle under-barriers and improved road signage will begin to be installed during a 10-night closure in March.”

SH2 Remutaka Hill resurfacing work, November 2023

Mr Owen says the steep and unforgiving nature of the Remutaka Hill make it a challenging road to travel over, and it is one of our country’s most high-risk sections of highway.

“In the 10 years between 2013 and 2022, there were 387 crashes on the hill. Six were fatal crashes, another 26 resulted in victims suffering serious injuries,” Mr Owen says.

Mark Owen says it’s been a deliberate decision to build the new safety improvements alongside maintenance works.

“Not only will this make the highway safer for all road users, but doing it during a planned maintenance closure means it will be less disruptive.”

The closures are timed to avoid significant events where possible.

Mark Owen says the route is a crucial link, and closing it does have a major impact on drivers.

“We do look at what is happening in the region and, where possible, ensure night closures don’t coincide with big events, such as race days at Trentham, Golden Shears, the Martinborough Fair, and the Anzac and Easter Holidays.”

“However, keeping the Remutaka Hill up to scratch is vital. Regular maintenance and night closures are the best tools we have to ensure this,” Mr Owen says.

Those who regularly travel between Wellington and Wairarapa should ensure the closure dates are in their diaries.

Mr Owen says while escorted crossings are available during closures, they have to be booked in advance.

“The better you plan now, the better you will be placed when the closures occur. Make sure you are not caught out.”

State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill, planned night closures January - June 2024

Nights closed

Start 9 pm

Finish 4 am


14 January

15 January



10 March

15 March

17 March

22 March


14 April

19 April



19 May

24 May

26 May

31 May


16 June

21 June

Important information for Remutaka Hill closures

  • Escorted crossings are available during closure nights but must be booked in advance. We always communicate well before planned closures and provide contact details so bookings can be made.
  • Bookings can be made online on the Waka Kotahi website:
  • Bookings are essential - drivers who turn up without one risk being turned away, or having to wait to see if they can be accommodated. If you have a genuine emergency on the night, the hill manager will decide how best to help you.
  • The escorted crossings are for light vehicles only. To keep our contractors safe, heavy vehicles can’t be accommodated.
  • Full access is always available for emergency services.
  • More information about planned maintenance closures for Remutaka Hill can be found on our website:

Background information on planned safety improvements

  • We are installing additional side barriers at high-risk locations and extending motorcycle safety under-barriers, along the Remutaka Hill. We are also installing further motorcycle under-barriers, to improve safety for motorcyclists. The improvements include improved road signage and markings.
  • Road safety improvements like better barriers mean that when a driver makes a mistake, and a crash occurs, it's less likely to result in people being killed or seriously injured.
  • The installed side barriers will ‘catch’ vehicles that leave the road, grabbing you before you hit something harder, on or over the side of the road.
  • Motorcycle under-barriers can reduce serious injuries and deaths by redirecting riders along the barrier and away from the guardrail posts, if they come off their motorbike. Over half the people who have lost their lives or been seriously injured on the Remutaka Hill in the last five years have been motorcyclists. The under-barriers will make the hill safer for them.