50km/h speed limit to make driving through Pukerua Bay safer


The NZ Transport Agency is advising motorists that from Monday 22 July, the 70km/hr speed zone at the northern end of Pukerua Bay will change to 50km/hr.

Transport Agency Operations manager Mark Owen says that the speed limit is being reduced because of safety concerns on this stretch of road.

“Pukerua Bay has had 43 accidents over the past five years - three of them fatal.  This is a particularly concerning number of casualties for a two kilometre stretch of road, and we need to take action.  By keeping the speed limit at 50km/hr right up till the 80km/hr zone along the Coast Road, this road will be safer for everyone who uses it.”

New signs will be installed on Sunday 21 July, and the 50km/hr limit will be enforced from Monday 22 July.

Mr Owen stressed that lower speeds on some stretches of road could help to prevent death and injury as part of a safe transport system where road users and roading authorities shared responsibility for reducing trauma.

“Reducing the speed limit will help to make this stretch of highway safer, but its crucial that people do their bit by practising safe driving habits at all times.”

The NZTA has recently installed improved signage and speed indicator signs to assist drivers in safely managing their speed.

Mr Owen says the construction of Transmission Gully will, in the long term, provide improved safety by diverting highway traffic away from the Pukerua Bay community and onto a safer, divided motorway.