Agency welcomes results of Council’s latest speed consultation


The NZ Transport Agency has welcomed the results of the Waipa District Council’s recent consultation on speed limits.

In February, the Council consulted on more than 200 speed limit changes in order to make the district’s roads safer. In a media release on Thursday 2 May, the Council says 84 per cent of respondents agreed with the proposed changes to lower speed limits.

The changes include 40km/h areas in Te Awamutu and Cambridge town centres, more 50km/h and 60km/h zones in urban areas, more 60km/h and 80km/h zones in rural areas, and lower speeds near schools.

Acting Director Regional Relationships Ross I’Anson says he is pleased to see the level of support for speed changes and the important discussion being had on road safety in the region.

“It is great to see the public engaged and talking about the need for lower speeds on roads in the Waikato, where we have a real road safety problem.

“Speed is the number one factor in determining whether people survive a crash, so I am encouraged by the support shown for speed limit changes through this consultation.

“Across the region we have heard from communities that speed is a concern and we are pleased to see our council partners taking steps to address this concern. The Transport Agency is also working to address speed through the Safe Network Programme,” says Ross.

The $1.4 billion Safe Network Programme aims to save up to 160 deaths and serious injuries every year by making New Zealand’s highest risk local roads and state highways safer. The programme focuses on safe roads and roadsides, safe level crossings, and safe and appropriate speeds.

Waikato is one of three priority regions, along with Auckland and Canterbury, that the Safe Network Programme is being rolled out to first due to the level of road trauma in those regions.

“Every road fatality and serious injury has a devasting and wide-reaching impact on families, friends and communities. We need to stop people dying on our roads and we know lowering speeds will make a difference.”

“The Transport Agency is undertaking a review of speed limits in the Waikato and will be engaging with communities in the coming months, once the review process is completed. Local knowledge and experience of using the roads is very useful information and I encourage everyone to have their say and help us reduce the level of harm on our region’s roads.”

More information on the Safe Network Programme:

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