Allow extra time during construction of northern Waikato Expressway sections


State Highway 1 users in northern Waikato are being urged to be patient and allow extra time as work continues on the Waikato Expressway project.

Motorists are encountering speed restrictions while passing through or alongside works at the Huntly, Rangiriri and Longswamp sections.

Work has started at Longswamp – the last section of the four-lane expressway project to get under way – between Hampton Downs and the Te Kauwhata interchange on the Rangiriri section. Early work is at the northern end but motorists can expect 70km/h restrictions and lane reductions.

The Rangiriri project is in its final stages and a 70km/h limit will remain in place until April when it will be 100km/h.

While the majority of the Huntly section is being built away from the current SH1, its Northern interchange connection work reaches a milestone this week with traffic moving on to a new temporary alignment for about 12 months. In the future this temporary alignment will be the south-bound off-ramp to Huntly.

The traffic switch will free up room for further work, including the construction of the new main alignment and the future north-bound on ramp. Each night this week a variety of construction activities will be undertaken to complete the traffic switch. At times there will be stop/go in place with a 30km/h temporary speed restriction.

During the day, a 70km/h temporary speed restriction will remain in place and day-time travellers shouldn’t encounter major delays.