Avoid car travel or expect delays tomorrow

The NZ Transport Agency says Auckland motorists should ditch their cars tomorrow to help ease the expected pressure on the motorway network due to bus drivers industrial action.

'Many people who usually take the bus to work may get in their cars instead and that’s going to put pressure on other transport modes,' says Brett Gliddon the NZ Transport Agency’s Auckland Highway Manager.

'We’d like people to think hard about just how vital it is that they use the motorways to move around the city tomorrow. If you can, then leave your car at home and make use of the other great ways of getting around including trains, ferries, walking, biking or even work from home for the day.'

'If you really do need to use your car then try and share with others, travel outside of the usual peak times and allow plenty of time for your journey.'

'If you get in a car accept there will be delays. Every motorist travelling through Auckland tomorrow can do their bit to reduce the impact.'

The NZ Transport Agency will be working closely with Auckland Transport to monitor the motorway and local road network closely from its Traffic Operations Centre and has extra staff working on its Travel Information Services to provide real time traffic and travel information to help people plan their journeys to avoid the worst traffic build up and delays.

Motorists can get the latest information on highway conditions and hot spots at www.nzta.govt.nz(external link), get free email alerts on a specific route by signing up to www.onthemove.govt.nz(external link) or follow the Transport Agency on Facebook or Twitter.

For local road information and public transport visit: www.at.govt.nz(external link)