Big changes at Auckland’s busy Lincoln Road


There will be two important changes for drivers on the Northwestern Motorway (State Highway 16) when the latest stages of the NZ Transport Agency’s improvements at the Lincoln Road interchange become operational next Monday (11 November).

The most significant change will be the opening of a new and safer eastbound (city) off-ramp. 

The Transport Agency says drivers should be aware entry to the new eastbound off-ramp will begin earlier along the motorway.  The off-ramp is twice as long as the old one, reducing the risk of drivers queuing back onto the motorway and affecting traffic travelling further east. The new off-ramp is also straighter and drivers no longer need to exit the motorway in a loop.

“The upgrade will make this section of the interchange a lot safer, but the layout has changed substantially and people need to drive with care until they get used to it,” says the Transport Agency’s Highways Manager, Tommy Parker. 

The other change involves new traffic signals on Selwood Road at the top of the eastbound and westbound off-ramps at Lincoln Road, and Mr Parker says this is a change that also requires drivers to take extra care.  

“Lincoln Road is a complex project in a busy motorway environment.  We’re making good progress and we’re looking forward to delivering the benefits to drivers, but they need to be aware that Tuesday’s two changes will have an impact on the way they use the interchange.”

The Lincoln Road improvements are part of a suite of projects to complete the Western Ring Route – Road of National Significance - prioritised by the Government to support growth and economic development in Auckland. The alternative motorway route to SH1 will improve connections between Manukau in the south, Auckland International Airport, Waitakere and the North Shore, and improve regional connections north and south of the city.  

“There is a lot happening along the Northwestern Motorway, and we urge everyone to please be careful, take extra time and plan your trips – plan ahead and stay connected” says Mr Parker.

The Transport Agency reminds drivers that there is a 70kph limit driving through the Lincoln Road works and 80kph through the rest of the works along the Western Ring Route.