Certificate of Fitness system changes


Changes to the CoF system will now be implemented 1 November 2014.


The Transport Agency has been working on changes to the certificate of fitness (CoF) system that will enable vehicles to be inspected, repaired and returned to the road more quickly. For the freight industry this means potentially increased vehicle productivity and reduced costs, while maintaining road safety.

Revised dates

The date the Transport Agency will be accepting applications from prospective inspecting organisations and vehicle inspectors under the new CoF system has been revised from 1 July to 1 November 2014.  To streamline the application process and to help support inspecting organisations and vehicle inspectors prepare their applications, pre-registrations can be made from 1 September.

The ‘go-live’ date, at which approved inspecting organisations will be able to start offering CoF inspections, has also been revised to 1 December 2014.

Opportunities for freight operators

If you currently conduct vehicle servicing and repair, under the new system you’ll be able to apply to become an inspecting organisation and offer CoF inspections for third party vehicles. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to conduct CoF inspections on your own vehicles or vehicles that you have a financial interest in.

Another alternative is to reduce vehicle downtime by getting your current inspecting organisation to come to your site and conduct CoF inspections on your vehicles.

Requirements for becoming a CoF inspecting organisation

The new CoF and WoF site requirements, which detail the requirements for a site to be assessed as suitable for offering CoF and WoF inspections, have been published on www.nzta.govt.nz/cof(external link).

In May the Transport Agency will be publishing the full requirements you’ll need to meet before being approved to become a CoF inspecting organisation.

For more information about the new CoF system, please refer to the questions and answers document available at www.nzta.govt.nz/cof(external link). Alternatively you can call our contact centre on 0800 587 287, or email info@nzta.govt.nz and request more information.