Community invited to hear about safety plans for SH2 through Pakipaki


The NZ Transport Agency is inviting the community to a public information session on Tuesday 24 September to see and hear about concept plans for safety improvements on State Highway 2 running through Pakipaki township.

The Pakipaki safety improvements are part of the Hawke's Bay Expressway project, which aims to prevent deaths and serious injuries on the road.

“We received great feedback from the community last year about the concerns they had with the stretch of state highway that runs through the township, particularly regarding speed,” Transport Agency Project Manager Rob Partridge says.

“We have used that feedback to develop concept plans to improve safety on the road and are looking forward to sharing these concepts with the community.

“The local people who use and live near this road know it better than anyone else and we’re keen to hear their views. We’d encourage anyone who is interested in discussing how best to improve this section of road to come along and see what we’ve come up with.”

The concepts are not only designed to make the road safer, but also strive to reflect the unique cultural identity of the community.

The Transport Agency expects the final plans for Pakipaki to be confirmed this year, with construction beginning in February, as other parts of the Hawke’s Bay Expressway between Bayview and Longlands Road are completed. 

The information session will be held at Houngarea Marae on Tuesday 24 September from 4-6pm. All are welcome.

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