Contract to be awarded for bridge abutment work near Granity


As part of design refinement and budget considerations, Waka Kotahi will prioritise work on the Ngakawau River Bridge abutments, to protect the bridge in the first instance. Coastal permits and consents have now been issued, which will allow the bridge abutment work to take place.

Director of Regional Relationships, James Caygill, acknowledged it would be disappointing for the local community to hear that work on the coastal seawall will not be included in the current works contract, which will be awarded this month.

“Around the country we are having to deal with increasing costs and so are re-scoping works to meet budget constraints. The re-scoped project will provide protection works at Ngakawau River bridge and complete the design and consenting stages for the Granity seawall between Granity and Ngakawau.”

He said that while the consenting for the entire project would be completed, the only funding certainty was for the bridge abutment work, which could be completed within budget.

Ongoing monitoring of the temporary beach embankment would also continue.