Free replacements for lost driver licences in Christchurch


The NZ Transport Agency is providing free replacements for people whose driver licences have been lost or destroyed as a result of the Canterbury earthquake.

NZTA Southern Regional Director Jim Harland said the agency could also provide other assistance for Christchurch residents, including:

  • Providing free extensions for those who are unable to meet the requirements for renewing a licence (such as not being able to provide acceptable evidence of identity or being unable to provide eyesight or medical certificates)
  • Issuing immediate three month exemptions for those who need to operate outside of their normal licence conditions - in particular for restricted licence holders who need to carry passengers or who need to drive at night (i.e. nurses, civil defence staff etc)
  • Waiving fees for rescheduling or cancelling theory or practical tests booked prior to 22 February 2011.

Mr Harland urged anyone needing assistance or with further questions about driver licensing issues to ring the NZTA free phone on 0800 822 422.

He said the NZTA was also working with the trucking industry and others to process exemptions where needed from normal restrictions on commercial driving hours in order to help with the recovery effort in the region.

A full list of NZTA agents currently open in the city to provide services for driver licensing and testing services, vehicle registration and licensing, Warrant of Fitness inspections and Certificate of Fitness inspections is available at link).