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Fronting up on quarter four performance


Our results and insights report for the fourth quarter of the 2013/14 financial year shows clearly how we’re tracking against our Transport Agency performance targets.

Overall, we’re on track to meet most of our 2013/14 performance targets. Our Annual Report to be released in early November will show our performance over all four quarters of the year.

The following highlights specific fourth-quarter results that relate to our five priorities:  

Putting customers at the heart of our business

  • Building the capability to better understand customers is being rolled out across the Transport Agency
  • Generating customer insights is driving business improvements
  • Usability of the Transport Agency’s payment system has improved.

Making the most of our urban network capacity

  • Network plans for the major centres are informing programmed developments
  • Transport operations centres in Wellington and Christchurch are now operational
  • The Transport Agency has actively supported the development of business cases for various transport-related projects in Canterbury
  • The refocusing of public transport activity in Wellington is progressing slowly, but is expected to benefit from lessons learnt previously in Auckland
  • Each of the major population centres are progressing the Public Transport Operating Model to improve public transport services

Moving more freight on fewer trucks

  • Travel by High Productivity Motor Vehicles (HPMV) is estimated to have resulted in $25m worth of savings
  • A number of key milestones for the 50MAX rollout have been reached
  • 45 councils are now included in the single 50MAX network access permit, with more expected to come on board
  • 1500km of the Upper North Island Network is now able to carry up to 58 tonnes (or 62 tonnes on selected routes)
  • Work on delivering HPMV routes is now being extended to the lower North island and South Island
  • The investment programme is focusing on a number of bridges deemed to be worth upgrading
  • Time taken to process standard permits is less than 2 working days, for complex permits, an average of 4 weeks

Safe speeds to reduce deaths and serious injuries 

  • New Safer Speeds Framework giving direction and guidance on safe and appropriate speed ranges for different road types has been developed
  • Brief for an engagement and communications campaign to build support for safer speed is being tested
  • A supporting Speed Management Guide that provides guidance on how to implement the New Safer Speeds Framework is expected to be completed in early 2015

Efficient road maintenance investment and delivery

  • Cumulative programmed savings for both local roads and state highways are on target
  • Targeted support being provided to approved organisations to improve understanding of the One Network Classification System (ONCS)
  • Collaboration opportunities to improve road maintenance investment and delivery are being progressed
  • The Transport Agency is actively supporting approved organisations to improve activity management and plans
  • State Highway Asset Management Plan (SHAMP) programmes are expected to be ready for the Board in August 2014
  • Tenders awarded so far under network outcome contracts are assessed as achieving the desired outcomes
  • The framework for assessing activity management plans has now been completed 

Read the full report

For more information, read the full report here [PDF, 6.2 MB].