Gearing up on SH35: Kopuaroa Hill and Tatapouri Hill Improvements


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency advises improvement works on State Highway 35 at Kopuaroa Hill and Tatapouri Hill will get underway from Tuesday 27 September.

SH35 Kopuaroa Hill (approx. 20 weeks of work)

Following the completion of enabling works, main works will begin and include realigning a short section of SH35 at Kopuaroa Hill located approximately 600m south of Kopuaroa Road intersection onto more stable ground.

This is the second of three stages to improve this section of highway, the first being an emergency works dropout repair that is underway and the third will be realigning the remaining single lane section and returning the level of service to two lanes.

Traffic management will be in place and delays of up to 10 minutes can be expected. This will be reviewed once work is underway to ensure a balance between production on site and traffic delays.

SH35 Tatapouri Hill (approx. eight weeks of work)

Improvements include an extension of the northbound slow vehicle bay from 100m to 300m in length, as well as drainage improvements, road repairs and surfacing, sign installation, road markings and safety barriers.

These improvements will help improve safety by reducing driver frustration and are part of a wider project that aims to provide more safe places to pass slow vehicles and more places to pull off the road to check messages or take a break on state highways 2 and 35.

During the works there will be temporary speed limits in place and short periods of Stop/Go traffic management.

These works are weather dependent and in the case of poor weather will be moved to the next fine day.

Waka Kotahi thanks everyone for their patience while we undertake this important work.