Glen Innes to Tāmaki Drive Shared Path – connecting land and sea consultation on designs for Section 2 and balustrade options for Section 3


The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport are asking for public feedback to help finalise designs for two sections of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

Consultation is now open for Section 2 of the path which starts at the intersection of St Johns Road and St Heliers Bay Road. Section 2 travels through Pourewa Valley, past Meadowbank Train Station to Ōrākei Basin

Communities and stakeholders are also invited to have their say on new options for the balustrade over the Ōrākei Basin on Section 3 of the shared path.  

The Transport Agency’s Auckland and Northland Portfolio Manager, Stephen Collett says the Transport Agency received feedback that the new balustrade on Section 3 of the shared path was obscuring views of the surrounding basin, and in response has developed other options to share with the community.

“One of the key issues for people was the height of the balustrade but we have now obtained dispensation to deviate from the design standard which could enable the balustrade height to be reduced from 1.4m to 1.2m high.  This dispensation has been made for Section 3 only, as it has been specifically assessed as safe for people on bikes and people on foot with a 1.2m high balustrade.  

“At the lower height of 1.2m there is more flexibility around the type of balustrade that can be built for this section. When it was being designed for a height of 1.4m we needed to include metal in the design. At 1.2m high there is the flexibility to provide an entirely wooden balustrade if that is preferred by the community. We look forward to hearing the feedback from the consultation.”

Mr Collett says it was important in devising the route for Section 2 to take account of the coastal terrain and the ecologically significant areas that the shared path would traverse.

The Section 2 shared path will comprise a mix of concrete sections, boardwalks and bridges and at about four metres wide along its entire length, it provides ample space for people travelling along the path.

To ensure a seamless and safe connection where Section 2 connects with Section 1, crossing improvements will be made to the St Johns Road and St Heliers Bay Road intersection. These will include increasing the traffic island size to provide room for walkers and bike riders, and a raised cyclist-pedestrian crossing.

Walking, Cycling and Road Safety Manager for Auckland Transport, Kathryn King says accessibility was a key design priority for Section 2 and steeper sections of the path will have flat sections (landings) to provide a break in the uphill gradient. Most landings will be wider on one side to provide a space for people to stop and rest out the way of other users, and some landings will have seating.

“Community feedback has been an integral part of our design process and we are looking forward to hearing what people have to say on the proposed designs for Section 2.”

Ōrākei Local Board Chair Kit Parkinson is thrilled the project has reached this stage and is looking forward to its completion in 2021.   

“This is a wonderful community resource which will provide a major incentive for people to get out of their cars and explore the rich and varied environment on their door step,” he says.

Once completed, the 7-kilometre Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path will be one of Auckland’s most scenic routes – truly a path of land and sea. It will provide a key connection between the eastern suburbs and the city centre and is anticipated to attract 800 walking and cycling trips per day. 

The project is being delivered by the NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport. It will complete a missing link in Auckland’s cycle network and connect with cycle routes to Point England, the shared path along Tamaki Drive, and the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route.

Drop in sessions

Two drop-in sessions will be held with the project team on hand to answer any questions. You can come and talk to the team outside Sunhill Garden Centre, 317 St Johns Road, on Saturday 27 October between 10am to 12pm, or at Ōrākei Bay Village on Sunday 28 October from 10am to 12pm.

Have your say

For more information and to post feedback, go the “Have Your Say” page on the Auckland Transport website link) and click on Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path.