Haast Pass to reopen at midday today to single lane traffic: large rock successfully removed off State Highway 6


The Haast Pass, SH6, connecting Otago to Westland, will reopen at midday after a significant rockfall closed the road on Monday afternoon at Clarke Bluff.

The rocks blocking the highway have now been stockpiled to one side and traffic will resume at midday today with single lane movements.

However, drivers should factor in delays up to half an hour today and tomorrow daylight hours, says Moira Whinham, Maintenance Contract Manager for the NZ Transport Agency on the West Coast.

“Rock scaling by abseilers to make the rock face safe is continuing today and tomorrow so it is important there is no traffic or people below the site when that is underway,” she says.

Overnight open

The highway will be open overnight with traffic signals controlling movements past the rock face until the stockpile of rocks can be removed and the scaling safety work on the face is completed.

The Transport Agency is aiming to have two lanes open to traffic for the end of this week.

The highway was closed to all traffic after 3 pm Monday afternoon after a rockfall blocked both lanes including a large boulder which could not be removed easily or safely with machinery.

Yesterday’s release https://nzta.govt.nz/media-releases/haast-pass-closure-due-to-large-rockfall-at-clarke-bluff-sh6-highway-closed-all-day-tuesday-next-update-midday-wednesday/(external link)

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