July Deadline Nears for One Network Road Classification


The development of the One Network Road Classification (ONRC) is nearing completion, with performance measures for customer levels of service for the roading classification expected to be completed by the end of July.


The Wellington ONRC workshop developing performance measures

The ONRC is a project of the Road Efficiency Group (REG), a joint initiative of Local Government NZ and the NZ Transport Agency. The ONRC involves categorising roads based on the functions they perform as part of an integrated national network. The classification will help local government and the Transport Agency to plan, invest in, maintain and operate the road network in a more strategic, consistent and affordable way throughout the country.

The One Network Road Classification project has three elements. The first is classifying roads into categories based on their function in the national network. The second element is the Customer Levels of Service (CLoS), which define what the fit for purpose outcomes are for each category in terms of mobility, safety, accessibility and amenity. The third and final element is the development of the performance measures and targets, which will effectively determine how the categories and customer levels of service translate into specific maintenance, operational and investment decisions.

After two rounds of engagement with stakeholders, the classification and the provisional CLoS were signed off by the REG Governance Group in early December 2013. Following a round of engagement in March and April the performance measures are being finalised and will be presented to stakeholders in a further round of workshops held nationwide.

The NZ Transport Agency Board, meanwhile, has formally adopted the ONRC for use in the development of the NLTP 2015-18. It has also replaced the State Highway Classification system with the ONRC and has reclassified the State Highway network using the ONRC. The Transport Agency expects this will help to deliver a more integrated roading network for all of New Zealand, that supports working together and a customer focused approach.

Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) can use a new self-assessment survey that will help them determine how ready they are to implement the ONRC. It will be used by the NZ Transport Agency and EquiP (the new Centre of Excellence set up by Local Government New Zealand) to understand where resources should be targeted to assist with the implementation of the ONRC at the local level. The self-assessment survey will be used by the Transport Agency and EquiP (the new Centre of Excellence set up by Local Government New Zealand) to understand where they should offer their resources to assist with the implementation at a local level of the ONRC. A copy of the self-assessment survey, along with other ONRC resources, are on our REG web pages.