Make the right choices to stay safe on the road and avoid delays this summer


With the holidays just around the corner the New Zealand Transport Agency is urging drivers to make the right choices to keep safe on the road and avoid delays.

“This is a special time of the year and no holiday should be marred by an avoidable tragedy. Deaths and serious injuries on our roads are not inevitable, and every one of us has the power to make good decisions which will keep the roads safer for everyone,” says NZ Transport Agency Road Safety Director, Ernst Zöllner.

“More cars on the road, tired drivers and people driving on unfamiliar roads can make holidays not only more stressful but also more risky. That means keeping your guard up and keeping your speed down, driving sober, watching for the signs of fatigue and sharing the driving.”

The NZ Transport Agency says people should also get in the habit of allowing extra time for their journeys and to plan ahead before they leave home.

To minimise delays most road works outside of the main centres and barring emergency repairs, have now stopped and won’t resume again until the second week of January.

However after the New Year, Transport Agency crews will be making the most of the warmer, drier months to get ahead on major projects and improve the safety and resilience of the regions’ highways.

Drivers are likely to encounter speed restrictions and other traffic management at work sites and these may cause some delays.

For information about road works in your area and across the country you can go online and visit our Summer Journeys website link), phone 0800 444 449, or  follow the Transport Agency on Facebook or Twitter.

“Taking a couple of minutes to check out the Summer Journeys website before you start the car can help you choose the best times and routes to travel, saving stress and extra time on the road,” says the Agency’s Auckland and Northland Highway Manager, Brett Gliddon.

“We understand how frustrating it can be to encounter speed restrictions and delays, which is why we’re giving people information now so they can make better choices about when to travel and how much time to allow.”

“We do much of our work in summer because we need warm, dry conditions to help new road seals to stick to the existing surface and create more durable highways,” says Mr Gliddon.

“We ask motorists to slow down through road works and respect the reduced speed limits because we want everyone including workers and motorists to stay safe this summer.”

To understand the effect that speeding through road works has on everyone who uses the highway network check out this video. link)