Making State Highway 2 safer – rockfall and median barrier works coming for State Highway 2, Horokiwi


Two sets of works are being combined as contractors look to complete maintenance faster on State Highway 2 between Wellington and Petone.

Mark Owen, Regional Manager Lower North Island and Top of the South, says planned rockfall works starting this weekend will be combined with median barrier renewals.

“Doing both jobs at the same time reduces the amount of time our contractors have to spend making repairs on this stretch of State Highway 2. It’s about working smarter and minimising the hassles for road users.”

Mr Owen says both works are essential for keeping drivers safe.

“Rockfalls can pose a serious risk to drivers, and especially cyclists. So, we must do everything we can to reduce the possibility of rocks falling onto the highway. Median barriers are crucial for protecting drivers from death and injury in a crash, and they must be regularly maintained and renewed.”

Rockfall works

Night-time lane closures will happen over the next six weeks as contractors carry out rockfall protection work at two sites on State Highway 2, north and south of the Horokiwi Road intersection.

The work means one northbound lane of the highway will have to be closed, and a lower temporary speed limit will be in place while this work is carried out. This is for the safety of drivers and contractors.

Contractors will be clearing loose rock and installing mesh and landslide barriers to prevent debris from falling on the highway.

Works schedule

  • Sunday, 13 August to Sunday, 24 September.
  • Sunday to Thursday nights, 7 pm to 5.30 am.
  • The left-hand northbound lane will be closed to traffic at the two rock clearing sites, and a 50 km/h temporary speed limit will be in place.
  • Cyclists will be escorted through the site during work hours.

Median barrier renewal

Contractors will be replacing the central median barriers from south of the Petone onramp to Horokiwi Road.

To keep contractors and drivers safe, there will be right hand southbound lane closure while this work is underway.

Works schedule

  • Sunday, 13 August to Thursday, 24 August.
  • Sunday to Thursday nights, 7 pm to 5.30 am.
  • One right hand southbound lane closure.
  • Cyclists will not be affected.

Works locations.