Manaia Thames SH25 highway closed due to rockfalls and slips


Due to slips and rockfall from the current flooding, the NZ Transport Agency closed State Highway 25, Thames to Manaia just after 10 am today. This is the west side of the Coromandel Peninsula and all available roads to the Coromandel will be busy in the current conditions.

Please avoid the area and postpone any non-urgent travel if you can.

Social media and web pages are the best places for updates on highway flooding across the country today:

Wider driving advice

There is surface flooding in many places across the country today, in towns and on rural roads and highways. The Transport Agency asks everyone to slow down, watch for flooding signage or water on the roads, remember to leave longer following distances between cars and drive with care and patience. Posted speed limits may be too high in rain and flooding conditions with poor visibility so people need to err on side of caution.

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