Motorists on SH1 north of Auckland over Easter will find new road seal


Motorists driving on State Highway 1 north of Auckland over Easter are advised there are several stretches of highway with new road seal.

The Transport Agency has been making the most of the warmer, usually drier summer months to get ahead on major projects and improve the safety and resilience of the regions’ highways.

“We do much of our work in summer because we need warm, dry conditions to help new road seals to stick to the existing surface and create more durable highways,” says the Transport Agency’s System Manager Steve Mutton.

Heading north from Auckland, motorists will encounter new seal on the Brynderwyn Hills. There’s new seal from the top of the Brynderwyns to the Lookout in the north and southbound lanes. The road will be swept clean and road markings applied but motorists still need to take extra care through the area.

Drivers are advised to plan your journey to avoid peak travel times(external link) and allow more time to reach your destination.

Further north, there are recent seals on the Waipu straights and near Uretiti.

The repairs and resealing of the three Mata Bridges between Ruakaka and Oakleigh is scheduled to be completed overnight tonight (Wednesday), weather permitting.

There are speed limits in place around the new seal.

Just north of the Mata Bridges, there are ongoing road works at Oakleigh, where the road is not sealed and temporary speed limits will be in place. There will be no active works at this location over the long weekend. 

The road surface will be in a compacted smooth state, but motorists are warned it could deteriorate in heavy traffic if it rains. The road surface could break up and cause potholes. Road crews will be on standby with a grader and roller to repair the road for drivers’ comfort and safety.   

Drivers are advised to stay in their lanes and keep to the speed limit for their own safety as well as other motorists and road crew. 

Drivers using State Highway 15 are advised to allow more time for their travel on Saturday as road crews will be doing patch repair works under stop/go traffic management just south of the Twin bridges.

“We ask motorists to slow down through road works and respect the reduced speed limits because we want everyone including workers and motorists to stay safe this summer, ” says Mr Mutton.

Drivers returning to Auckland on SH2 from the Coromandel and other areas to the south east of the city are advised that the passing lane(external link) by the Maramarua Golf Course will be closed on Monday from 9am to 8pm.

The closure will make the road safer for all road users in heavy traffic by maintaining a steady flow and preventing the risk of crashes as traffic merges at the end of the passing lane. Slightly longer queues can be expected but there will be minimal impact to overall travel times. 

For information about road works in your area and across the country you can go online and visit our Summer Journeys website link), phone 0800 444 449, or  follow the Transport Agency on Facebook or Twitter.